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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Hardest Thing...

Drama, it's definitely something I'm familiar with. Some people call drama a beef between people, where words are exchanged and things are not alright with them anymore. Others would say its all in their body language, it can tell it all. Actions often speak louder than words. It makes me wonder what's worst? A person who tells you straight up that he has a problem with you, or the one that acts like there's nothing wrong and then just goes on with their lives? I've come to the conclusion and the incredible answer is: It Depends...

Not to just throw everything I've said out the door or anything but i guess you could say that it all depends on how close you are with the person. If you feel that you could live without that person, you let them go. If it's meant to be that you guys become friends again, then it is. Sometimes it's a lot harder for a person to let go than others, but for the most part, i guess it'd better to not dwell on meaningless fights, smacktalking and all that jazz.

Socially retarded people have it good i think because they get thrown out of the boat when it comes to fixing problems. "O, well he's just socially retarded so there's not much you can expect from him." Well, what about me? I don't really feel socially retarded but of course i have my problems. It just brings me back to my other notion of the hardest thing for people to do when dealing with other people. It's horribly hard for people to step out of their shoes and relate with people. It's not an easy thing, so don't think i'm saying i can do it and you can't, because i don't feel like i need help in that department too. But it makes me sick to think about people who assume they know where a person is coming from, when they don't. Get over it, you're never gonna be that person, no book, no picture, no nothing is gonna make you be entirely sympathetic for a person unless you went through that experience with them, i myself am incredibly happy to have great friends that have gone through a lot with me, surprisingly to me and most, it's mainly my guy friends that have been through the thick and thin with me. I think it's just because girls are easier to judge and say something when they shouldn't than guys, that's not a bad thing cuz that just shows guys are socially more retarded than girls as a whole, but like i said before, i'm gonna have to think socially retarded people have it better. Well, that's my 10 mins of writing haha... Ciao! (i heard a person at starbucks say it and i thought it was cool)

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