Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fastest Way to a Guy's Heart....

So i have writer's block. More or less. I feel more lazy than anything. I just don't want to write about history of Korea and what people do there! I mean all and all it's an interesting topic, but i feel more at ease when i'm taking an opinion on something. You can't take opinions on facts. 1+1=2 is not very interesting to write about. So here i am, going to blog just so i can get my mind off of my assignment and prolong what i have to do that's going to be due in a couple days. That's fine by me, i could probably bust it out all monday since i have no work or school, but that seems pretty stressful. And since i'm not doing anything better with my life at the moment, i SHOULD take the initiative and bust this essay out.

Maybe it's just me, but i find reading letters and emails are WAY more interesting to read that when you're merely just talking to them online or through FB or what have you. Maybe its because you stop for a second and just focus on reading that letter or the email. Sure, there are times when you're distracted from reading it and if the email is long enough you have to stop and take a break. But most of the time, in my head i cherish it more just because someone took the time to write it to me. I hate mass emails, that kills the personal effect of the email and just seems like another post on FB. To have a REAL connection with someone, whether that just be a minor one or a huge one, messages between just two people just hit a different chord in my book. I guess you can compare it to getting a birthday greeting now a days on FB to getting an actual card from someone.

While we're on the topic of things that give me that oh so warm feeling inside, we should talk about food. I love food, i guess i would have to blame my love of food for the reason i have to compulsively have to work out everyday, which i haven't been and now i feel like im carrying a rock with me everytime i take a step now. I look back at all the horrible things we as kids used to stick down our throats without a second thought. It scares me to remember me eating 2 boxes of cheese sticks during lunch and not feel a thing. If i would have done that today i would be stuck in the bathroom for days. I guess you could say my palette has grown a little stronger and i have a love for foods that excite my taste buds. Which brings me to the question.

If the fastest way to a guy's heart is through his stomach why is there a more and more increasing number of girls who don't know how to cook?

Wouldn't you think that is the first things girls would learn if they wanted to impress a guy? When it comes down to it, guys will look at a girl and sure "rate" them and what not, but after all that looking the guy actually might want to get to know a girl, and when they find out that they don't really know how to do anything, theres got to be something wrong here. Now guys are learning to cook and be sensitive to girls feelings, but girls now a days are just becoming lazy. As guys we really don't need much, but it's a shame that so many girls, feel like they aren't "good enough" to learn how to cook. Cooking is almost never something you are gifted with, it's something you learn, everyone fell off the bike at one point, it's time they start learning how to cook some Risotto! (which is one of my favorite side dishes) Okay Okay that MIGHT have sounded a bit sexist, but in all honesty, guys are trying their best to understand you guys as well, trying to get in your world, and you see where that's failed us, we become that "friend" that guy that knows how to cook a mean salmon, or can go shopping with us, but when it comes down to it girls really do enjoy a Guy's Guy. Not some fruffy metro dude that cares more about his hair than what you had to say to him that day. FACE IT, its the truth and it works both ways with a guy.

Well that's enough for me to keep moving on with my writing. My old teacher was write about this write about other things if you can't write about what you're suppose to thing. Now lets hope i'm not blogging in a couple hours again >_<. LATER!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Listerine BEFORE you brush!

So wow, i said i would blog around the end of june but it ended up being the middle of july! Ouch.. a whole month, well i was busy with everything that i mentioned (birthdays, school, work, the works)... and i'm really glad the month of june is over. Just a bunch of crazy projects that i am glad i have under my belt.

Anyway, i wake up this morning feeling pretty awesome, being that I've had food poisoning for the past 2 days i think today is going to be a relatively better one. Seafood is definitely not something i'm going to want to crave eating for a while, even though yesterday i ate sushi lol. So i go into the bathroom and start to do my usual morning stuff and i think to myself "why is it that i brush my teeth then use the Listerine when i clearly don't like to use Listerine so maybe i'll just do that first then brush my teeth?" GENIUS! But of course theres probably some rule in the directions about using mouth wash after you brush your teeth but i'm just going to ignore it and think it's better to do it early than never do it at all.

The month of July has been pretty good for me. It's been surprisingly good for me actually. It starts out with me having those major projects and finals due at the end of june, my group and i did so well that we ended up getting almost 20% extra bump up from my final grade because we just put in a little extra effort. Of course during that whole month i was stressed out like crazy, but it was good to know hard work doesnt come off unnoticed.

I don't know what it is, but surrounding yourself with people with positive energy makes me feel so much better than people who are stressed or have internal struggles.
Yeah yeah, that's obvious, but the next time you get a chance to notice yourself TRULY laugh and enjoy everyones company, take a second to look at who you're with. One of those days happened a couple weeks ago, it was just me and a couple friends, we went out to Mogo's some taco truck place, I don't even remember what we were talking about really, just stuff that happened that weekend, we were all laughing and joking around, just good energy. The end of that day was nice too, got to hang out with someone who just seems to surprise me more and more.

Work is work, I enjoy it, but there are going to be a lot of changes pretty soon since our manager is leaving =[. Going to another store since he did so well at ours. I've got to say i'm really happy they have me a chance at this starbucks. I really get a long well with everyone there and all the customers. It's just a good environment for me to be in while still making money haha.

If you read the blog post before, i said i would be working on trying to be nicer to people or atleast use my words better to not sound so mean i guess. I don't know if it's working or if people think i'm just constantly sad or silent. I don't get it, People will criticize me when i talk, but then when i don't talk they think theres something wrong with me. There's got to be a better way to see how I am than just judge me by how much my mouth moves. Ah, oh well, what can you do...

Went to SF the other day, that was the 2nd time in two weeks of nonschool related activities. Definitely enjoyable on both ends, In these 2 days i've probably only explored 3 parts of the city! of course there are some not so nice areas but still plenty of amazing ones! All in All, this month has been great, hopefully this food poisoning is karma's way of telling me that there are more good things to come, because there has to be a balance of good and bad. Anywho, lets let you kids off for today, I had actual topics to write about but since i haven't filled you in with my life for the past month i'll just do it next week (hopefully)...