Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cutting it close!

Wow, it's almost February already!

I've been putting off blogging for a while because of being out of commission because of a bad cold. I've never had a cold for longer than a couple days from what I remember but this one was a pretty gnarly one. 2 weeks of sitting in bed doing absolutely nothing but try to sleep when i'm not waking up from lack of breath and the such. I blame it on having to go to work while I was in a bad place. Everyone at the store was sick. EVERYONE. That's probably not the most sanitary sounding thing but it's not like everyone could just call in sick. And to be fair, I didn't hear a thing from any customers about catching anything from any of us workers. I'm glad that is over. I'm sure my five readers have been missing what's been going on in my life.

Absolutely nothing! I try to refrain from the sad emo blogs that complain about how life sucks because to be honest my life is awesome. It's situations that suck haha. Anyway, after finals, I was feeling on top of the world, Christmas break and the month of January at my disposal... Only to be stuck in bed and not doing a single thing before school starts. I got some cooking done like i said i would. I cooked some scallops. Scallops are... Ok... I think 3-4 Scallops is good as a side-dish to a meal but to make it a main course is just not right. We had it with some rice and other smaller dishes but I was kind of disappointed in my performance. Something that I was proud of was making some awesome chicken soup. While I was sick I went to Panera Bread because I was craving some chicken soup and a change of scenery. I get there and order some chicken soup. "Bread bowl or Regular Bowl?" Who says no to a bread bowl!? So i got it and it was huge! All bread... a couple spoonfuls of soup...
Granted, i would have been satisfied if the soup was delicious, it wasn't. AND i was still hungry so i had to go back and order another soup without the bread bowl. They gave a larger portion of soup this time but I was still pretty bummed with the quality of it. So the next day I went into my fancy cookbook and got the recipe for chicken noodle soup. Pretty easy I'd say. It was fun to make and 10x better and barely cost anything. Only problem i probably had with it is that i had no idea what you eat with chicken noodle soup. I know it's suppose to be comfort food, but if you're making it for your girlfriend and her family because you might have gotten her sick in the process, you need more than just soup. Oh well, it was what it was. I can't stress enough how fun cooking is. I just hate washing dishes.

All of that was pretty early in the month. The beginning of the second half was pretty much the same as well. I picked up that book i was meaning to read. "The Corrections" By Jonathan Franzen, very interesting book and a good read. It's just too bad school started again and I'm not going to get a lot of time to just relax and read. My eyes are already feeling burnt out from all the reading I've been doing for the first week of school. It's going to be another tough semester.

I took care of the girlfriends dog last week. I've got to say. I'm not a fan of little dogs. They're very territorial and mean. Okay maybe it was just this dog. It was okay to take care of, but when it got its teeth sunk into to anything, or knew where it wanted to walk, there was no telling it otherwise! I swear, there was this one time when i needed to go pick up the mail for her family and i was inches away from putting the key in the hole and grabbing the mail but the dog wouldn't budge. It also ate some chocolate covered blueberries when I wasnt in the living room! Sure, it was my fault, but I was so pissed at that dog. More pissed off because what would have happened if that dog got poisoned and died!
At the airport picking up the girlfriend and family:
"Welcome Back!"
"Yeah... Your dog is dead"
(Shock... Sister cries)
"I never want to speak to you again!!!"
~Everyone hops in cab and leaves Allan at Airport only for girlfriend to come back and slap him in the face and leaves again.
~Roll Credits

Yup and that's how it would've happened. Anyway long story short the dog is okay and one customer of mine said that chocolate is sometimes REALLY poisonous to dogs and sometimes barely anything at all. Still wasn't a good couple of days after the incident for sure, but all in all happy that saga is over and next time, if i ever do take care of the dog again, no more leaving chocolate on the coffee table and going to the restroom.

Anyway, Happy Asian New Years everyone! One more blog and it's been a whole year of monthly posts. I know i was cutting it close but i'm happy i've done this blog for atleast a year now. I'm gonna give myself a nice pat on the back for it. Til next time kiddos.