Thursday, October 16, 2008

CLASS: John McCain Journals...

Well, hello again, sorry i have been away so long but i had to write journals for my book and it seemed a lot easier just writing them on word and fixing it rather than putting it on here everytime i had a chance to read. The format goes from what my initial thought of his was, then to what i think about the book. It repeats until i do it 4 times.

As I watched the Olympics, there were often times when we would take commercial breaks and view campaign ads mudslinging Barrack Obama. I found out that it was a supported message by John McCain. I always find that when the opponent attacks the bad traits of a presidential hopeful that it is almost their desperation move because they do not have enough good qualities in themselves and their campaign to just focus on their own propositions. I do not have a strong opinion about the election’s this year because I feel that people should be educated on who they vote for before they do. With all the elections coming along and being that I live in San Francisco there is a lot of pressure in voting for Obama. I don’t think I should be pressured because a lot of people seem to just vote for Obama because he would be the next black president. Everyone is jumping on the Obama band wagon where I feel that it’s just ridiculous. So even though this journal was a lot about Obama, my exposure is really slim because it’s been overshadowed by overzealous people that “want change”.

The first thing I thought when I saw this book was that I wanted to know if that person in the front of the cover was really John McCain. It sort of looked like him but this McCain was not old and balding, this McCain was big and strong looking. I expect this book to be very opinionated in its writing. I see this going on pages about how he was brought up and what things he did to help the United States. I don’t think they’ll be talking about too many of the mistakes that he’s made as well. I guess we’re going to have to see.

When I first read this book, I had no clue who John McCain really was. I knew he was a republican nominee and that he won by a substantial amount. I always wondered why he was so overly favored compared to his other fellow candidates. After reading the first couple of chapters, I can see that tradition and honor is a strong moral for him and that it seems to run in his blood. Everyone loves a war hero, and I guess that’s why people like him are chosen for running as president. I feel like the more I know about a person it’s harder to be more critical because after knowing what certain things they had to go through in life you can’t help but to just be ok with their flaws.

The book so far has only been talking about his parents and grandparents. I did not expect this to happen when I first saw the book. By family memoir I always imagined him talking about himself for his future kids. It is actually a pretty fast read, and I think that all comes down to the fact that there is actually a lot of action going on in this book. Talks about submarine battles, great leadership, what more can a person ask for. I’m glad that the narrative in is more in 1st person than 3rd person because if this book were told in 3rd the entire time and they were just talking about people in history, it would be a painful book to read.

Now that I am half way into this book, it is interesting that John McCain would tell us personal things about his life as a kid. Things like he was always a rebel and never wanted to have a life that seemed so predestined. I guess he acted a lot like most teenagers at that age, having too much pride for their own good. I think there are two ironic things that stick out to me most about John McCain. The first, which he always talked in a way that he always wanted to do things his way, but ends up doing exactly what his parents self-consciously wanted him to do. Second, was that he always thought his life would be determined by the great battle he was a part of, and instead he ends up becoming a prisoner of war.

Halfway through the book and I can’t seem to put it down. Either I’m secretly a McCain supporter or this book isn’t half bad. I often find great books, stories, and movies, blend together great times of laughter and seriousness. This book seems to have that comic relief every so often when I find myself engulfed in all the facts and things that they would do in their life.

After reading this book, I feel like my opinion about John McCain has permanently changed. It is not to say that I am going to vote for the guy, but I do believe that I have a better grasp of where he might be coming from when he talks about taking care of the veterans. This just makes me think about the presidential race and there are so many people that talk so much smack about John McCain when they do not even know his half of the story. It just goes to show how many people will just be a part of the herd just to fit in. It makes me sick inside to know there are people out there that key other people’s cars because they support John McCain in San Francisco.

I tend to enjoy the books I have finished and this one is not any different. The second half of the book about him inside a POW camp and getting tortured semi-reminded me of One Flew Out the Coo coo’s Nest and Castaway, more so the first than the latter. It was very interesting how the people that treated John McCain poorly during his life were portrayed. He did not just stop at what they did for him, but he went through what their mind frame seemed to be like. If someone were to ask me if I’d recommend this book, I would definitely recommend to anyone with an open mind and is ok with all the ridicule they get from people for reading this book.

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