Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Break

I would have to say that hitting someone, catching balls, throwing touchdowns and making plays has to be the best thing you can do without taking off your clothes. I might be exaggerating a little, I know. Sometimes I think I get a little too hot headed to be playing a sport in which you tackle your own friends. This weekend I played football both Saturday and Sunday, about 4 hours each. The first day was fun because i haven't played in a really long time, and the second day was a also an equal amount of fun but with cramps and after effects of playing tackle football the day before.

So here i am, laying on my bed in my brother's room with enough muscle movement to use my fingers, and that still kinda hurts just because my left wrist got pounded on the floor today. I spend most of my time at my brother's house when I'm in Santa Clara, and this week i and basically here all week because i have no class or work. It kind of worked out that way luckily. I have no idea what i really want to do now that i am here, but one thing is for sure, i didn't want to just be sitting at home by myself just playing games all day. So i guess i'll try to do something with my life and maybe replace some things in my car, go to the gym, and cook dinner for my bro and sis. Hopefully my sauce won't turn out so liquidy this time.

Well, i guess Obama won haha. I think this is a good decision just because what he wants to improve in our country, Mccain probably would have just been another Bush in my opinion. Of course, a better guy nonetheless, but just politics wise. Prop 8 passed, kinda depressing, everyone in SF was pretty bummed, well most people. It was such a surprise to me really, all i could see was signs on No on Prop 8 and none what so ever for Yes. I guess living in SF blinds me from ignorant people outside the city, but i think eventually it will be changed, hopefully sooner than later.

Forgive my random thoughts, i have ADD when it comes to blogging and i never stay on one topic. Its already November and the holidays is just around the bend! I love the holidays, everyone is so much nicer. I hate the holidays because i always have to put up a fake smile for the demon-incarnate of a sister. O well, C'est la Vie. We'll that's all for now, Peace!

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