Thursday, October 16, 2008

CLASS: Barack Obama Journals

This is the same as the first but this time with the ever so popular Barack Obama. O btw, this book is called Dreams of my Father, McCains book is called faith of my fathers. Both are good books, i would definitely recommend it to you guys.

Barack Obama scares me. It doesn’t have to do with anything that I know about him. I guess it has to do with what I don’t know about him. He puts out a good message about giving back to the neighborhood and is the face of a nation of youth it seems like. All the actors, singers, writers, everyone that is practically surrounded by media supports him. I guess what disgusts me the most is that anyone that wants good graces from people happens to put on an Obama shirt and then all of a sudden, everyone seems to like him. I don’t want to sound racist, but I feel like people assume that just because a person is African American, that all the rules are going to change on how people play in the politics. I definitely think that I’m a little bias because I hate it when people talk about how good or bad a person is even though they have almost no clue about them.

What I expect from the book is kind of what I read from the McCain book. I think it’ll start by talking about his parents and go into his life, good and bad. The structure from what I hear in class is that he tells it in many quotes. Which as I think when I start to read is going to bother me because in the back of my mind I’m going to be thinking this book might be more polished than it really should be?

After reading Origins, I had no clue that Barack was half-African American and half- Caucasian. He being born in Hawaii and moving all over the pacific was also interesting to find out. In my head when I first thought about Barack I often pictured him coming from a pretty well off family. My anthropology teacher said he was related to him because he was from Kenya, so I assumed his parents were born and raised in Kenya. I guess that was only half true. I guess his experiences are a lot different from most candidates and I think that’s why a lot more people feel like they can relate to him.

The book is definitely well written. I feel like every chapter has its own little moral at the end and always seems to project what values that Barack stands for. Like many books that I’ve read about racism and people being mistreated, it has a familiarity to it that I can’t seem to put my foot on. I think the book would be more engaging if I had a better grasp on the places that he goes. The book jumps around quite a bit, and I don’t feel like I know what the setting is besides maybe school, island, or country.

About two-thirds into this book and it happens to be clear that Barack wants to change the community from the ground up. My opinion of him as a person is still that he is a good person. I doubt the book is going to talk about his goals of the future, so by looking at the way he is writing I can tell that he looks towards the future. Even though in the news and in the media I rarely see him portray himself as being African American I feel that in this book, he really emphasizes the fact that he not nothing other.

The book brings a lot of truths that are said between races. Being Asian myself, there are rules and things that we just do and do not even know why. The book shows that many people in the neighborhood rarely want to speak up for themselves, but when given the chance would like to be heard. I think the book shows readers that if you get enough people together, you can make a difference. Many readers probably take for granted parks and recreational centers, but by reading the book I can see how hard it is just to even get certain things done when the wrong people are in power.

I think my opinion of Barack has changed after finishing this book. I think if I had to choose between McCain and Obama, the smarter decision would be Obama just because he looks towards the future and that depends on building a solid foundation for today’s youth. I still don’t really trust politicians because it seems like you have to have a really cold heart to make certain decisions and you can’t make everyone happy. I feel like I can be contempt with anyone who wins this election because both are good men, and both have equal values that they put more of an emphasis on. Reading on both of them did not really change my opinions of them as politicians, but it did change my opinion about them as people.

The book was well organized in the sense that they wrote about exactly how that part of Barack affected him. If there was any bias in the book about him, I would like to still think it’s the fact that there is so much dialogue that it makes a person wonder if Barack has excellent memory or he just sugar coated a lot of the chapters with what might have been said. It is also interesting to think that he never really talked too much about his mother, I feel that she was left out a lot in the book and even though he rarely saw her, I think he thought about her more often than not. Johnnie, his assistant came out of nowhere, most of the other characters you could kind of connect with. But Johnnie I just didn’t really know what to think.

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