Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Michele, My Belle

So here i am, 850am sitting inside the school library. Which to my discomfort, is insanely humid for some strange reason. It might be because i just walked about 20 minutes from home in weather that was about 60 degrees and the second i walked into the library it was about 15 degrees warmer. I guess that's physics for you.

Yesterday I went out with my friend Michele, who is also new to the city and we went to my favorite burger place in San Francisco. Of course, I've only been to 1 gourmet burger place in SF but it was recommended by everyone that I knew it SF so it couldn't be too bad right? Being that i work and i tend to have other obligations, I guess I kind of blew off being a friend to her. I hang out at her house at least 3-4 times a week now but i seem hang out with her roommate Jill more. Whether that's because Jill and I have the same schedule or that we're in the same field of study, I guess after hanging out with Michele a little more yesterday, I felt bad that we kind of lost what we used to have in being friends. When Jill comes back from visiting her BF we'll probably hang out again, but next time, I should probably realize that I'm not the only new one here in the city, and that other people, like my friend Michele, could use a friend too.

So here I sit in this library, a little more comfortable than about 20 minutes ago, but starting to get annoyed by the constant buzzing sound that this library's heater or electricity or something makes. The only reason i guess i hear this noise is i can't seem to write when i have music in my head, I end up just talking about the first thing i hear, I guess in someways that's alright for a blog, but it makes me feel like I'm being brainwashed into talking about something that I'm listening to. It's like subliminal messages! Anywho, i guess I'm going to put on my earphones again and bid you adieu.

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