Monday, September 1, 2008

Toilet Seats and Beyond

I am at my friend's house to teach her and her roommate how to play poker. After a couple drinks and toffee nut chocolates, i needed to use the restroom. I walk in a i find that there are a lot of fuzzy thing's from the floor to the toilet cover. They even had matching soap for their color coordinated restroom. But that wasn't really the thing that bothered me. It was the thought after that really started making me think. It seems that every girl wants you to put down the toilet seat after you do you business. I know its common courtesy to do that, but who really made up that rule? I forgot to really ask what my friend's thought about that but after looking up reason's why a person "should" put down the toilet seat, I found the top 2 reasons seem to be: 1. Girls might fall into it. 2. That it would make the radius of the spray from the toilet to be minimized.

And so I look at these reasons, and I laugh. To think that maybe a girl would be in such a hurry to use the restroom, that she didn't notice that the seat was down, and also, what things other than toilet paper, and possibly magazines are around this so called "germ radius" do you really mess around with. The writer in the link on the top said that it would be fairer if the male would just lift the seat, while the woman would put the seat down. To be honest, i wonder why this topic hasn't been raised sooner? He also said that the main reason why girls nag about the seat so much is that is would just be so much more convenient if men just did all the work when using the toilet.

To defend the girls, I guess guys are the only reason the toilet seat was made because we like to stand up and use it, because i guess we can. This topic only got me to think about the other things that some guys do for other girls that we have been almost programed to do. For instance, I tend to be somewhat of an old-fashioned type. Maybe, it's the alpha male in me, but I try to open doors for every girl that walks into a car that i'm driving, and by all i mean ALL, from my mom to my friends, and anything in between. Does it make me feel better as a guy? I don't really know because the only reason i started doing it was because of my brother, who would do it all the time. I guess you could say i have a brother complex, but then again who else am i going to look up to if its not someone i respect? Anyways, it just seems like i would be having a double standard if i asked my female friends to put down the seat themselves when i myself open doors for others when it is not even necessary. Life is strange in some cases like that, but a guy can always wonder right?

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