Monday, November 22, 2010

Timing isn't Everything

Hello again!

Since we last left off, our hero has been having a boring month only to find out there there was so much more in store for him!!! Ok, sorry i was reading comics a while ago and it just seemed right to go into the 3rd person. But hey, at least i'm not referring to myself as THE Allan. 11 Months and at least a blog for every month! I know January i didn't blog but i still have at least 11 posts and i've got to say i'm pretty proud of myself. It's very hard to just muster up the energy to blog about stuff even there is so much to say! I guess i just can't shut up sometimes.

Anywho, November has come and almost gone and it's amazing as i look back on how fast this year has gone by! This time last year i was freezing my but off in Europe and probably drinking some type of beer or taking some shot of vodka. My tolerance has seriously shot down. But that's good and bad in some ways for sure, but one thing i can say that i don't miss about Europe was that blasted snow!!! It was great the first day, horrible the next 2 months. One thing i do miss about Europe around this time was how close everything was and how the town of Aarhus was very much a college town and you could find everyone at a certain place at a certain time. Exchange student life was a very interesting one indeed. Ahh memories...

I'm really not sure what to say about this month. I'd like to say it has been very good to me, and that i look back and i can say i honestly smiled a lot, genuinely laughed a lot, cried a little (stupid football games). Things have been good and i think it really all has to do with the attitude you bring into an environment. You see these people in other countries that do less desirable jobs and get paid diddly squat and if they can smile, the least you can do at a job that pays decently and doesn't ask an incredible amount compared to these poor people. Granted, not a lot smile, but for them a hard day's work is something that some strive for. But who cares about WHY i'm in a good mood, just being in a good mood should be celebrated in itself.

But of course, a favorite saying of mine is "come rain, come shine", which if you've been reading my blog for a while now, knows that this means with all bad times, good ones are to follow. But it works both ways, and an unfortunate thing that i've been seeing how dishonesty can really ruin peoples lives. Trust seems to be a big issue that's been swirling in my life lately. Not me per se, but just people around me. I have trust issues sure, but that's for another blog. It's just unfortunate to see amazing people get lied to time and time again, and when push comes to shove there's nothing a person can do about it besides let them figure everything out themselves. Its just unfortunate to see things go in certain directions because of what another person does. It's been like 3-4 people in my life that just have been unlucky.

I was reading an interview with Nicky Manaj or whatever way you spell her name and she said something very interesting to people that think she's calling them out in her lyrics. "If you didn't do anything wrong, you shouldn't think the lyrics are directed at you". That's real talk right there i think. See, what shes trying to get at is that only people who find themselves being super defensive is if they have a reason to be defensive. It's all psychology i know, but when she dumbs it down like that even normal people like us can understand it. I think no matter who you are as a person, you shouldn't think words are directed at you unless you feel like you did something wrong. And if you think back to every time you feel offended or words have been pointed at you (even if they weren't meant to be) you feel a little guilty when they say them because you could be just as guilty as the person they're talking about. I know i've been like that plenty of times, people would say they hate brash, cocky, no it alls, and i think to myself, "hey, thats me!". I try not to let it bother me but i'm only human right?

This blog must be about interesting quotes i've heard in the past couple days because here comes another one! "A wise man once said it's better to be lucky than good, another one said its better to be both" SO TRUE! I've always been called the "lucky one", i don't know if that's even true, but if we've learned anything from the third paragraph of this post is that it's all how you look at it. I guess i was trying not to be selfish when it came to being lucky, but if you never put yourself in a position to be lucky you will never know how to handle a situation when the time comes. I did get the quote from football and they basically explained that a team was winning most of their games off of others mistakes but it took the skill of that team to capitalize on others mistakes, hence having luck and being good. I also read on a survey that people who consider themselves lucky have a different outlook on life that other people, something about noticing opportunities more than the person who considers themselves less lucky. I guess timing isn't everything haha.

But ALSO from what i've kinda realized today at lunch with an amazing friend is that its really not just luck when we talk about it in a romantic realm either. We were talking about meeting the right person, and how that "right" person could easily have met another person that was better than ourselves, but they happened to fall onto us. I see their point, it's the classic "how did HE get HER!?" example, the guy must have a lot of cash, or be super sensitive or have some type of mind control. I don't think so, like we talked about before, its LUCK for sure, but also being on the same page when it comes to holding a conversation and the right amount of attraction. I've got to think back about my past relationships and it's all been great luck with amazing girls, but horrible timing when it came to meeting them. We'd barely talk, i'd be too busy, or she'd be talking to another guy AND me at the same time, or she would be leaving for Austrailia the next morning. Things like that you can't explain. All you can do i guess is have a little faith that things will fall in place when the time comes. Lucky people can find amazing people and not know what to do with it, Good people can always have the right moves but never put them in a position to meet the right person.

It's really all interesting this crazy concept of finding "the one". I've been on this spree of thinking of theories and reason why some people do what they do, partly because it seems to settle the girls that i talk to down when they're confused on why guys think the way they think but its also funny seeing it in action with some people as well. They say i should write a book about it, but it'd probably be a boring book like this blog because all i do is ramble.

Lastly, ITS NOVEMBER! and it just wouldn't be right if i didn't say i was super excited about the christmas holidays!!! Thanksgiving is great and i get to play football and chow down on food, but its nothing compared to ice skating, walking in the park, warm weather clothes, christmas songs, presents and finding great gifts for people and LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS! Gotta go see one of those guys that is a super rich engineer and just decks his house out with orchestrated music this year. Hopefully he does it again this year. Oh, and for thanksgiving, i would like to say i'm thankful for all the amazing people i've met with this year, the friends that i've connected with, the friends that are still around after dealing with all my bull and the parents that never raised me to only care about my happiness and never money. I hope i can instill that into my child that no matter what they do, they just work hard, and not care so much about the result but that you put your best into it. Lastly, i'm thankful for meeting a very special person this year, this person flipped my world around and it's thanks to her that this has been a very bearable year with all the amazingly bad things that have come my way. Thanks and eat a lot everyone!

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