Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Miss Beast Mode

Hello out there to my 5 or so readers,

So since my last blog, things have sorta slowed down and have become less hectic, but that might not be true at all since all i've really been doing with my life it seems is being stuck in the library. So instead of writing about me (for now atleast), i shall take a moment to talk about a friend of mine, her name is Stephanie "Beast Mode" Chan. Why her you ask? Because she told me to, and not a lot of girls can say "blog about me" and actually get me to do it, but Stephs a special one that girl...

Hm... I really don't know how we ended up getting to know each other, or even become so close of friends, it just kind of happened, as are most friendships i guess. My first memory of her was a nerdy looking girl with glasses who was always hanging out with another friend Lillian. Lillian and I went to middle school together so that's how i knew her. Steph never talked much, then I saw her at Fanime, which was super weird since i didn't think anyone at the high school even went to these kinds of things. She bought a kung fu panda shirt and then i would see her wear it at school. I had a thing about saying "NICE SHIRT" really loudly to people who i saw wear our shirts out in public. Sure, it was a little embarrassing but i didn't care, never did, never will.

Besides those encounters, I never really talked to her much, then came senior year. I just broke up with my girlfriend at the worst possible time! I was hanging out with one of my guy friends during lunch and i guess he hung out with Steph and her group?Prom season was here and i needed a date, i went with Stephanie. It was a pretty funny (and selfish i might add) story actually now that i think of it. We were all hanging out at the cafeteria and of course we were all asking each other who each other were going with. Steph and I had plans to go with other people, and i said, "Hey, if things dont work out, wanna be back-up dates?" Man, there's a lot of things i look back on and say to myself "Really allan?" But then again we all know how this story goes, Both Steph and I's plans dont work out and we end up going together. Which i guess now was more of a blessing in disguise. The rest is really history, Steph and I are close and I GUESS i could call her my top girl friend, i don't use the term BEST friend because my last best girlfriend broke my heart. In the bff kind of way of course.

Stephanie Chan is an amazing girl, and you gotta take her for her good and her bad. Her "bad" if i may add, is hilarious! Why do i call her Beast Mode you might ask? Is it because she gets super drunk and always has to rely on moi? Is it because she does pretty crazy things and says stupid things when shes drunk? Nope, it's just because shes still the same Stephanie Chan when she's drunk, just 10X that. A lot of people get drunk and do stupid things they wouldn't do if they were sober, and sure, steph's had that, but most of her best traits are just amplified when she drinks. BEAST MODE!!! I'd say i'm pretty protective of Steph, I guess everyone is sometimes with Steph, she's the "Baby" of the group after all. Oh well, her birthday is coming up and i guess it was a good way to look at "My Life with Stephanie Chan". There was a game show like that "This is Your Life" or something, i wish it was still on, what a crazy concept. Guess it wasnt very profitable. Anywho, enough about little miss beast mode.

I'd say this month has had a lot of ups and downs. But I'm a champ at ups and downs, the secret is to never let anything inflate or deflate your head. It's not so much optimism, more or less just not letting one dent in your huge life define who you are. If you ended up creating a cure for cancer, sure, that could be something that defines you, but a bad day where some crazy maniac coffee drink yells at you for no complete reason? It could definitely be worse. I think i'm great at forgiving quickly when things turn ugly, but forgetting... that's definitely not been my strong suit. It goes both ways really, when things are good, i savor the moment for a little bit, but i never forget when things really excite me. My ultimate goal in life is all about balance. How does one achieve that you might ask? Make sure i don't ever take advantage of the things that make me happy.

One of those things is Dukes. Dukes is an English Pub and I definitely look forward to it every Wednesday now that i think i've found my niche. A group of real guys, that just like talking about random stuff, sports, comics, girls, w/e. Being there makes me feel like i have a place i belong. Not to say being in other places have made me feel less at home, just this one feels a whole lot better. Maybe it's just the alcohol, maybe not. It's not perfect this Dukes, but its mine on Wednesdays, that i can say. It's not for a lot of my friends, and that's okay, but the friends that i have that do share those good times at dukes, its just amazing sometimes. Theres not a lot of people that can say they look forward to Wednesdays as much as i do. I'll miss it occasionally but that's life for you and you can't do anything about it, like i said before, you gotta take everything in stride.

Since i'm taking care of my brothers house i'm going to have to wake up early and walk the dog before heading to school, who knew dog-sitting could be so hard? I have enough on my hands and now i have to make sure not to leave the water bowl empty along with a whole list of things, i guess life is just not normal for me unless i have a crapload things to do. I need sleep, this blog was a long time coming, i'm glad Steph told me to blog.

Til next time kiddos.

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