Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Awkward Moments with Gifts

Hello again!

Lights by Journey is playing right now and it's just the perfect time to blog i feel! With that said, I'm pretty stoked to have this next month off because of school is over. The beginning of December was just a living hell because of school and finals. I still have yet to get my results back and i'm just a little stressed. The hardest semester of my college career was pretty manageable i'd say. Of course i pretty much talked to absolutely no one but i'd say it was worth it.

Now that I have a lot more free time, I'm trying to relax and play fun portable games! The one i'm currently on is Chrono Trigger, and after i beat that i think i'm going to play Super Mario RPG because a certain princess of mine has never played it, and its got me wanting to play it again. I'm not particularly in the mood to play games, but playing an old game brings back good memories and it's nice to play again. Playing a brand new game would just seem draining to me i think. The only new games i feel like playing now adays are competitive games or games that have a long history of game play like mario or donkey kong.

Anyway, putting games aside, I've had a pretty good December. I'm not going to lie, November was a whole lot better to me because i didn't really like the stress that came along with crazy shoppers, drivers, and moms but I did enjoy seeing the faces on my friends and family's faces when I gave them their gifts. I'm very glad i could see everyone, from my immediate family as well as my other family, i even got to hang out with my girlfriends family. All was well during the weekend of Xmas. What I enjoyed most was playing scrabble and Super Mario Bros Wii with the GF's family.

I've noticed Christmas always has one flaw, and it's unfortunate but sometimes people get gifts for others and others didn't get a gift for the other person. I got this amazing cook book for Christmas because of course, i like to cook. It was from one of my best friends sister and i felt super bad not getting her and the rest of his family a gift. What do you do? She's done so much for me this year i feel like. I bought her a birthday present but since i didn't immediately have a Christmas present for her, is a late one appropriate? Or should I just not get one at all? I can understand the other side too, i get gifts for friends that i don't expect to get gifts in return. They feel bad, but i tell them it's not their obligation to get me a gift in the first place. Before we could just shrug it off as, "Oh, he doesn't have a job, He's still young, He's still blah blah" But now that i'm making money, there's really no excuse besides that money thing, but who isn't a little low on cash these days? It's an excuse I try not to play too much.Gift giving is just a awkward situation in general. It just opens up all the other thoughts of awkward gift giving moments in my head. For example, what about the part where everyone has been given a gift, except for one person? It sure sucks to be that one person just sitting there while everyone else is opening gifts. The mind boggles.

I know that was a very long and pointless ramble about the awkwardness of gift giving but it was necessary! Of course we all should just be thankful that we get to spend time with all of our loved ones and that should always be the most important part but i'm just here to point out some of the funny moments that we have during the process of this loving time of the year.

New years is coming and my resolution for last year was to read 12 books that were not part of school and i read about 2... Man i feel pathetic, maybe i should just not make a resolution and then i'll just be surprised with what kind of year i've had. This year has been one crazy one and i'm very much glad that it's over and ready to start off on a fresh foot. With all the bad that i've had to deal with this year, there was a lot of good in between that too, and to be honest, that's just the way i like it. Come rain, come shine y'all. Happy New Years!

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