Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's play a game...

...lets call it "be yourself". The rules are simple, whenever you see someone you feel like impressing or fond of, you just be yourself and not crave for their attention by making fun of others or being jealous of a certain person for their better features. It's fun, trust me.

It's fun being a barista at starbucks. You just stand there and take people's orders or you make their drinks. It's easy, well kinda hard, but once you get the hang of it and when things don't go wrong, its a good job. I've heard that a lot of other starbucks have sucked ass because of the managers and the people there, but for the most part, my starbucks closes early (8PM) and the managers as nice as there comes (she often calls people honey,darling, or sugar, shes from alabama). What i find most appealing is how the people who i've started to remember as my regulars have learned my name as i've learned theirs. We don't have name tags, nor do we have things that tell us our name to the customers, but some how they manage to find out. It's easier for me just because i just ask them for their name when i write down their drinks or in my lucky case, i work right next to a hospital so everyone pretty much has a name tag. It's a pretty lax job and once you get used to waking up early, the rest of the day after that is all yours to enjoy however you please. (I usually just take a nap).

Something that i'm going to try to work on this year will probably give relationships a chance. I guess i've been trying to delay the fact that i wasn't really done having whatever relationship i had before. But i guess now is a better time to try than any. Being bitter was something that i was good at, making excuses was something that i prided myself on. Now, im hoping things are going to change because i'm going to try and change. I know i know, i'm very picky with my girls, but is it really that hard to find a girl that is more interesting to talk to than a brick wall? I highly doubt it, i have standards, but they're not impossible. Guess only time will tell. PEACE!

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