Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, here we are with the thanksgiving festivities over and i feel like a complete fatty but i still want some steak, probably because i'm watching the world steak cooking challenge on the food network. I think it was a quite enjoyable break, except for the fact that my sleeping schedule is now thrown into whack. I don't really seem to remember what i did the first couple of days of break besides just hang out and sleep in, play a lot of video games and watch TV.

Hanging out with friends and playing football over the thanksgiving weekend would have to be the highlights and i think i did well in football. I am really glad my bro did not disappoint me when he came with me to play football. I tend to brag about him a little too much and when he played extremely well, i couldn't be happier.

I honestly think people who want to change can. But then there are those people who just never seem to change even though people have told them what they really need to work with themselves and then they slap you in the face by just showing you how hard it is for people to change. I'm a person who doesn't hold a grudge for very long, but sometimes I really just want to tell some people off.

Well, that's my thought of the day. I would have more to say but i have work at 415 in the morning tomorrow so i'll just continue with what i have to say tomorrow. LATER!

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