Saturday, August 29, 2009

One HELLA long week

Hello Hello!

To all my peeps back in the states, week 1 is finally over and it's been such a crazy week! I guess to say where i left off at from the crazy airport trip up until now is that its been about 10 days since i last blogged and its all gone by so fast.

After i got out of that hotel, we went to go eat breakfast downstairs because it was free with the stay, and i've got to say the tea here in Europe is bomb! I hear the coffee is too but i don't drink too much coffee so i'm going to have to take their word for it. So I guess the center of the city is "the train station" where everyone seems to go to go anywhere. It's pretty convienient if i have to say so myself for tourists because they have no clue where they are going and as long as they can find their way back to the train station its all good.

Being that we still had out luggage with us, we had to find a way to get to the school to pick up our keys, with a bunch of luggage, thats really not that easy. The first thing you should know about the bus system here is that they are totally weird! You go through the back and then you leave through the front. You're suppose to pay with the machine or if you have a tickey you stamp it on, but for most people in the city, they just dont pay at all. You feel kinda guilty at first, but then when you see all the Danish people do the exact same thing, it's kinda like you're just blending in with the people and their culture. It's kinda embarassing because it's 4 of us and we have all this luggage and people are trying to get in from the back but all our stuff is in the way and we have to ask them to go to the front of the bus. Needless to say everyone was laughing.

We finally get to the school and they give us our keys and tell us that they have people that are going to drive us to our flats. they take most of us except for me and my friend Jaclyn. It really doesnt take that long to go to where we live. 10-15 mins atmost back and forth. But during the incident i guess a bank gets robbed and they slow down all the traffic. I don't end up getting picked up til an hour and a half later. And then the girl that is driving us ends up getting us lost because she thought our building was called skobaekvej and not snogbaeksvej. I guess its a simple mistake, but we were just dead tired. We unpack and then we clean up and go downtown to see what the nightlife is like.

The city of Aarhus is so different in the night time than it is in the day time. We pick up a friend and find out that theres a nearby club that everyone seems to go to because the girls that we met on the road seem to be going there. We get there and its free to get in, they give us a free drink, and a live concert. I would think it was pretty cool. The dude was lookin like Prince, and the girl totally looked like Ronnoa Ryder or w/e her name is. Music was kinda a mix between electronic and rock.

By the end of the night we're just hanging outside the club and talking to Danish girls and talking about Oregon (where most of them are from) and SF (where i'm from). It's really not too hard because everyone knows where SF is but i met this really pretty girl who's actually been to Napa and we end up talking a lot of the night. Most of the guys are in their early and mid 20's so we can kinda tell these girls are not really the same age as us, so we took a shot and of course, they are 18-20. Really young those 18 year olds are, but its all good cuz the drinking age is 18 in Denmark. So, it's 3am in the morning and we have no clue how we're going to get home. The last bus was at midnight and we dont know how to walk home. Atleast we weren't completely SOL, there was this night bus that comes every hour or so, and most of them take you kind of close to where you want to go. It's a good thing we found some dude from New York that is studying in Denmark to help us or else we woulda been screwed.

Okay, i haven't said this yet but i would have to say 70% of the women here in Denmark at phenominal. It's not just because they have blond hair, blue eyes. It's from their way of life. They walk everywhere, and if they're not walking they bike, and they eat basically meat and bread. And the bread here is not like our bread thats "supposed to be good for you and tastes good", it tastes like crap and it good for you. But since they are so used to it (and i have to admit i have grown to like it myself) they have great diets. I didn't believe my manager from my SF store telling me all the girls there are pretty but man, was she right. Well anyway, that was DAY 1 in Aarhus.

The next day we meet this amazing austrailian girl that takes us around and shows us the stores and the laundry and shes been here for a couple weeks and shes kinda in the know. Amazing. Anyway, after that, we go downtown and explore the city some more. Getting lost on buses sure helped us know the city, and also i've got to say the architecture of this city is simply amazing. There's so many buildings made with brick that it puts a lot of places in the states to shame. Simply Beautiful. So i guess on Saturday night everyone parties at clubs and just hangs out ar bars. We find this place called Buddy Holly, which is kind of a small bar that for some reason the bartender loves americans! He said its because we say thank you and no one in Denmark does that. So we were getting free drinks left and right and then we end up finding ourselves drunk once again but this time thanks to being drunk the night before, we knew which way to go.

Wake up at noon, and i guess i didn't mention this before but because of the jet lag, we've been only getting maybe 2-4 hours a day. But partying 2 straight nights is the best way to get over jetlag because you drink adn you stay up and you fall asleep just like every other drunk person that night. We english speaking folk end up going to the Harbor and find that its really nice to just stand around and look at water. Well atleast that was what i took from it. We also found some random stores and shops that sold necklaces and braclets. I'll be sure to pick up atleast one of them for one of the girls back in the states. I just have to remember how we got there. On Sundays, no one works, well on one really works here in Denmark too late besides the 7-11 and the fast food joints. Everyone close at like 7pm, even the supermarkets. It's pretty crazy, but on sundays, NO ONE works! except for cafes. Because they just sit around and drink coffee and relax. It's pretty cool.

Monday was the Ikea Trip. It was just like an other Ikea trip, just kinda went there got stuff and went home, didn't really do much which was kinda a surprise being that we drank practically everyday this week.

Tuesday first day of orientation and we got to meet our "Tutors" who just take us under their wing and its like a person there if you ever need a question. Like a Link Crew Leader. In my group were a lot of different people from different countries and it was all really cool to get to know them and talk to them. We all got to hang out the entire week as a group and it was pretty boring because we just sat and listened to them tell us about the things we'd have to do while in Aarhus and whatnot. But the best part of the day was when it was all said and done we went to Klubbin and had ourselves a night with more drinking. It was late and my friend decided to walk home in the rain. It was pouring and we walked about 20-25 mins in the rain, i'm glad i didnt get sick or anything, but i was drenched when i got home and took a nice warm shower and went to bed.

Wednesday came along and everyone seemed to be pretty tired from last night, just kinda tired so no one really cared what people were really saying to us, just that we had to listen and then i went home took a nap. It was western day and it's really huge at the school, all the new students and international students got to participate and there would be every one dressing up in things that associated with the west. Even though i do not know how priests and zorro got into the mix. It was alright, just more drinking and more people, but the best part was the mechanical bull. I've never been on one before but as i was watching the Europeans do it with both hands and holding on to dear life, i just had to go up there and show them how you "should" do it. Which of course is with one hand in the air. I owned that bull haha, im not gonna lie but the whole area was going nuts. I'd have to say working on my grip strength sure did help. The funniest thing was that we started drinking at like 6-7 and everyone was piss drunk by 10 or so, we all just went home around 1030-11 and just crashed.

Thursday we a more relaxed day where we just had to be at school around noon for a tour of the city. Didn't really do much besides go to some "American" burger place that was pretty decent, but it was just kinda eh, 6.5/10. After we went to some Student house where they but of course, have more beer and booze. I got one drink and went home. I was pretty spent.

Friday came along and it was our last time with our group and we had lunch then went to the field for Xchange Games! It was actually really fun, since all the exchange students were split into groups (10 total), we had a competition that had, sack race, egg race, licorice eating, some game where you have to put a pen thats attached to your hip in a bottle, and a memory game. We got points for cheering and coming up with witty cheers. It was really close it seemed like for all the teams, but of course our group won. It really felt good competing again. I really do miss that feeling. The winning group got 2 free bottles of Fisherman's (the local alcohol here) and bacardi. After the games we went home and i did some laundry, only to find out i locked my keys inside my room. The reason for this was because i can jump out my humongous window to go to the laundry rather than go through three doors. but as i was closing my window to go to the laundry room and realized my keys were sitting on my bed. It ended up costing me like 80 bucks to have the dude come from who knows where to fix it. That sure sucked. It was alright, i ended up pregaming with a couple friends before we went to our last international event (for now atleast), at social club. They had this really cool stamp that makes me think i want a tattoo kinda similar to that, but we'll see. This place was great! It was serving free drinks like non-stop, well ok free drinks from 9-10, then 11-12, needless to say i was pretty drunk. But it was all good cuz i never drive anywhere, just take the bus and its free so its all goood!

The alcohol here must not be that strong because i drink a lot and i get drunk, but i never have a hang over or feel like i need to puke. O well, w/e. Woke up with a stomach ache though. Went to the mall with Donna and figured it would be a pretty small trip but then we ended up going to the Train Station and then to Ikea to get lunch. Got home and here i am just typing away.

I feel like i've been here a lot longer than i prolly have been, but it's so many things you learn from being in a new country that its almost an information overload. Anyway, sorry for all the people that i don't talk to while im here, it's really not that i dont wanna tlak to you while you're about to go to sleep when im waking up or vice versa, its just trying to do my own thing for now and we'll end up seeing each other sooner or later! Peace!

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