Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Adventure Begins!

You know you're traveling big shot when they give you a WHOLE can! It's been a pretty crazy couple days. Saying goodbye is not the easiest thing to do i find. Some people you don't even get to say bye to. But its ok! Im only gone for like 5 months and before you know it ill be back.

Anyway, So i had my goodbye dinner and goodbye this and that, then i got on the plane... and the Adventure begins! I got to San Jose where they said i might have some problems in Denver but they'd figure it out when i got there. I got on the plane and actually talked to the girl to my right just because she was friendly. I ended up getting a cool key holder from her and that was that.
Next was Denver where i literally thought i was not going to get on a plane to Europe but this really nice (and actually pretty cute) flight attendant helped me out and it was all gravy.
The plane ride was about 9 hours. I spend the first just getting settled, then the next 2-3 hours (because we were eating our in flight dinner in between) I watched "A Beautiful Mind" which in my opinion was totally awesome. I can't believe I've always hated Russell Crow, i just don't like how he looks like a douchebag. But yeah, I watched that then i figured hey why not give Gladiator a shot too? I enjoyed about a quarter of it til i fell asleep and then woke up in time for breakfast on the plane. we had only about an hour and half left so i ended up watching an episode of Scrubs and an episode of Friends. I didn't use my laptop at all during the flight, it's really hard using it when there are old lady's to your left bumping you and little kids behind you kicking the back of your chair.
But that's not even the worst part of a flight i think, in my honest opinion the scariest part of a plane ride is the landing. It's like a plane that's going at a crazy speed and you're trying to land it on cement. My pilots also sucked at landing their planes btw but hey, its just an experience i don't really enjoy on an airplane.
Once i got to London everything else was pretty much smooth sailings there. London's Airport is like a mall, i thought San Jose and San Fran push it, its like comparing Safeway with Walmart. They had a booth where you could sit drink wine and eat caviar. RIDICULOUS. Oh well, what can you do, it was packed haha. The last problem i had to figure out was where i was going to stay in Aarhuss when i got there for the night. So i'm sitting at the boarding area and i hear 2 girls talk about their crazy flight from portland to here. So i figure they're studying abroad too and we ended up just saying we should figure something out together. It was more like i tagged along while they had a friend who knew which hotel to stay at showed us how to do everything, but it's all good because I'm finally here and i'm not sleeping at the airport and i already made some friends. I'm definitely not complaining on how things worked out. Things always do.

Well it's 330pm over in California but it's 1231pm here (9 hours ahead for anyone who was curious) i need to wake up at 830am tomorrow and get my key to my room. Til next week look at what i found at the Aarhus Gift Store! This store must not get ANY business.

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bina said...

yay for first update! I don't know why but I REALLY enjoy plane rides. although it can get annoying (with the kids) and pretty tiresome, I think it's the idea of going somewhere that thrills me. good to know you got there safe!

ps. the land before time action figure?? haha wow, that hecka made my day :)