Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Ultimate Reliever of All Things Stressful

Today is a good day to blog. This past week has been pretty hectic, going here, going there, doing this and that. Sometimes it can get pretty draining, as much as i like going out, the other half of me likes to just sit back and relax, be one with my yin, or is it yang? Oh well, you get the point... Blogging helps me feel a lot more relaxed.

It also helps running 5 miles up and down hills to get your body in a state of relaxation. The run was awesome, theres that feeling of pain you get in the beginning or midway through the run to the top, but when you get to the top, its one of the best feelings ever. Not to mention the "runner's high" you get after. It's all really a combination. Lets walk through it...

You're starting out, kinda tense because you don't really want to stretch before you run because that's actually worse for you. (Don't know why? Google it) Then you start, you're trying to set a good pace for yourself, not to get to overexcited and burnout quick. Then the surrounded engulf you, trees for days, birds and deer and the occasional lizards everywhere, the smell of the trails, ahhhh nostalgia. Everything about running in those hills is amazing for me, even though i'm as slow as a snail now, i really want to get back into shape, i feel like i would enjoy it more now that i've learned to appreciate everything in nature and not just be so focused on running. Another great thing about running is how good you feel afterwards, i might feel a little tired, but it's as if one of my lungs just magically reappeared again! You can breath so much better and it sure does give you a feeling of more energy. All in all i will take all the cramps and pains for everything that running offers. Running is the ultimate reliever of all things stressful.

Now for something new: When a girl kisses a guy on the cheek, what does that mean? It's the ultimate misleader in my mind, does it mean the girl likes him but doesn't like him enough, or does it just mean the guy is sweet and you're too afraid to make the first move.... Ah the mind boggles, to think telling someone you like them would be so hard. Well of course it is! The thought that they might reject you could send you spiraling down into never confessing to someone ever again, a scary thought indeed.

A friend asks me... "Who do you hang out with?" That's a pretty good question i think... I tell him i hang out with this group, i talk with these people, i do this with that person... and he goes, "that's it?" That's it!? This coming from a guy who does nothing but hangs out with his girlfriend and before that nothing but his cousin. Thats it... Grr... That's kinda annoying, but what can you do. The second it goes on this blog i shall forget about it until i reread it again.

I was looking back at some of my 2008 entries and some of them are still pretty funny. My opinions about how women should put the seat up for guys instead of the other way around is definitely a questionable topic but a lot of it was just to get my mind off of things at the time. San Francisco can be a pretty lonely if you don't really know anyone. I hope it's not going to be like that when i move out again after i graduate.

Around this time last year, i was in Denmark. I was getting to meet all these new people, see all these new things. Time sure does fly. I wonder if how many people actually missed me, how many people would miss me if i left somewhere far for a job or something. The group i hang out with is going through a lot of changes, lots of people leaving, lots of things changing, there are times when we mention one of our friends, mainly to bash on him, but we miss him, and everyone else that left. I just hope its the same if i ever go.

Tomorrow will be another day, I hope it will be just as fulfilling as its felt like today. Til next time kids!

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