Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Month of May

Wow, i can't believe the last time i blogged was a month ago! Shame allan, Shameeee...

I try to keep this thing going atleast twice a week, for good measure that my head doesnt explode with things i wish i would have put on this blog. I'm getting better with it though, i'm getting a mini-journal i guess you could call it. I guess the "correct" term for it is a journalist notebook. Looks like one of those things that Lois Lane would carry before DC had her carry a recorder. Hopefully it comes in handy, it'll fit in my back pocket and ill hopefully jot down things like "blog notes: 'i wonder why people are so impatient(i.e random person at starbucks)" or whatever. I know people will think, "Allan, why don't you just write it down on your phone or w/e since you have a notepad on it?" Been there, tried it, doesn't work as well, when you have so much information on your phone, its hard to just sit down and see what you've written down for the day. Life can be so complex, goes to show why people living simpler lives are happier than those who aren't.

It's not really surprising, but i can never seem to go to the gym in the summer. It's horrible, the best time to lose weight and get in better shape, and i hate it. I enjoy sweating when i'm active, i HATE sweating when i'm just sitting around trying to enjoy my afternoon reading comics. I will try to keep up my regular gym routine of 5-6 days a week, but it just seems incredibly difficult when you wake up all sweaty. The month of may when it came to gym time has been all about swimming. Lets make this clear, I suck at swimming. With that in mind, i can: float and swim, i can't: do a butterfly for crap, hold my breath very long it seems, and swim more than 2 laps of freestyle (total of 100 meters) without having to rest. It probably has to do with my form. I go to the gym and i see these guys swim with incredible form, i on the other hand probably look like im just flapping my arms all over the place. But i enjoy it, it beats running on the treadmill, or doing the stairmaster. I have been a little lazy with my weight lifting because i think to myself, i'm going to be swimming anyway, so i think ill just take it easy. I'll break that train of thought soon enough.

The other theme of this month of may other than swimming has been "The Flaws of Allan Nguyen, Narrated by Everyone He Knows." It really all came in waves i guess, if we made a timeline it would be BF, before finals, and AF, after finals. Surprisingly finals was the only thing that kept me from feeling like complete crap, and of course swimming. I feel like a good person, and i think i make the right decisions in life, but sometimes with the things people say to me, it seems like they only put up with my crap. Yes, i can be a little eccentric when it comes to some things, but isn't it better to just be upfront about things and not let them bottle up inside? What's disgusted me the most of this month is how little people know me, i can take a hint, hell, i don't even need a hint, i can see it in your eyes, i can hear it in your voice. Everyone has patterns, everyone has little things they do when they're happy, and yes, sad. Not saying I'm Sherlock Holmes when it comes to seeing things, but its just disappointing seeing the change in a person when they've given up on somethings or some people.

"Never become cynical, nothing good comes from a person who is cynical, live life by working hard and being kind and it will take you places my friend."

It sure is easier to just be a jerk, but you sure can sleep better knowing you're fighting for the good guys.

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